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RAA Scholarship 2015

RAA Scholarship Program Requirements and Application Process



Purpose:  The primary purpose of the Regional Airline Association Scholarship is to assist with the education of individuals who are studying for a career in the airline industry by providing financial support.  

Scholarship: Up to four (4) annual scholarships may be awarded in amounts of $3,500 per recipient.   Scholarships will be awarded without regard to gender, race, religion or national origin.

Scholarship Requirements:  Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for the scholarship:

1.    Applicants must be officially enrolled in an accredited college or university in a program leading to a career in the airline industry at the time of application and award.  Applicants will be considered from other programs/majors, if the applicant’s goal of a career in airline management can be demonstrated through work experience or the personal essay;

2.    Applicants must possess a minimum cumulative 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale at the time of the application.  A transcript reflecting grades through the previous academic year at high school, college or university must accompany the application.  Because of the application deadline, applicants may submit transcripts from spring or summer of 2015.  DO NOT SEND A HARD COPY VIA MAIL;

3.    A resume outlining the applicants work experience, extracurricular and/or community activities;

4.    A 350-word career essay describing the applicant’s interests in the airline industry;

5.    A faculty recommendation must accompany the application;

Scholarship Criteria:  The following criteria are used for the ranking of applicants for the RAA Foundation Scholarship:

1.    Demonstrated scholastic achievement;
2.    Demonstrated work experience, extracurricular or community activities;
3.    Strength of faculty recommendation; and
4.    Strength of applicant’s 350-word career essay

How To Apply:  All applications must be completed online via the RAA website (below).  No hard copies or mail delivery applications will be accepted.  The deadline for application is January 5 at midnight EST.  Only completed scholarship application packages will be considered.  Students may submit their own application via the RAA website.  

RAA Contact: Staci Morgan, Operations Manager, RAA

When Awards Are Made: Scholarship awards will be announced no later than March 1, 2016.  Winners will be asked for a head shot and short bio to be featured in Regional Horizons.  

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