Let us hear from you!  Suggest an agenda topic or speaker today! Agendas and Speakers will be posted by April 6, 2012.  To make sure that your suggestions are considered, please use the online form to send suggestions to RAA no later than March 16, 2012.

With safety our top goal, RAA’s Annual Convention is where North American regional airlines, suppliers, regulators and experts come together to discuss key safety, regulatory, operational and technical issues. During this première 4-day event in Minneapolis, industry leaders will host a series of Forums providing educational and networking opportunities open to all convention attendees. This year these activities are identified on the convention schedule with the phrase “Open for Business” displayed prominently next to the session title wherever it is displayed.

Call for Agenda Items
At RAA, “March Madness” means we are working very hard to develop Forum agendas. We invite all of our associate members that will be at the convention to help us develop agendas that will help you at the end of the day.  Suggest an agenda topic or speaker today!

RAA Maintenance Forum
At RAA 2011, Maintenance Forum attendees attended an interactive session that featured several experts and focused on key issues including Improving Airworthiness Directives, the National Transportation Safety Board’s view of CASS programs, increasing concerns about fatigue in maintenance operations, and the rapid expansion of Aviation Safety Action Programs in airline maintenance departments. 

Maintenance Forum attendees included key representatives from airline Maintenance and Engineering departments, manufacturers, suppliers and MRO organizations attended this premier event designed to inform and to build the relationships that are so very important to the industry.

At RAA 2012, the Maintenance Forum is Open for Business on Tuesday, May 22.
RAA Flight Training Forum

At RAA 2011, Flight Training Committee co-chairmen Captains Paul Preidecker (Air Wisconsin) and Randy Hamilton (Compass Airlines) hosted the always popular Flight Training Forum. The agenda focused on:  Role of Suppliers in RAA Committee Activities, Flight Deck Automation, Runway Safety, and Upset Recovery Training for Pilots. Attendees included key representatives from airlines, training centers, simulator manufacturers, flight universities and academies and the Federal Aviation Administration.

At RAA 2012, the Flight Training Forum is Open for Business on Thursday, May 24.
RAA Inflight Forum

Last year RAA’s Inflight Forum was hosted by Inflight Committee co-chairs Sonya Wolford (SkyWest) and Amy Chiappe (Republic Holdings). Participants discussed the impact of airline mergers, advances in crew training practices, employee recruitment and the most recent rules and safety practices of interest to the industry, FAA rulemaking and best training practices for flight attendants.

This year attendees will include regional airline operations and training managers, regulators and organizations that provide the industry with products and services that support the industry’s Inflight community.
At RAA 2012, the Inflight Forum is Open for Business on Thursday, May 24.