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VOX: Why air service is so crucial for small cities (Link)
Combating the Pilot Shortage (Link)
Hoeven's Bipartisan Bill Carves Path for U.S. Veterans (Link)
Pilot Shortage Could Affect Eastern Iowa Airports (Link)
K-State Partners with USAF to Help Battle Pilot Shortage (Link)
South Arkansas Regional Airport Offering Flight Classes (Link)
Already Critical U.S. Pilot Shortage Forecasted for Continual Decrease (Link)
Airfare Soaring Due To Pilot Shortage (Link)
American Aviator Act Introduced to Help Veterans Become Commercial Pilots (Link)
Airlines Offering Competitive Salaries To Combat Pilot Shortage (Link)
Ever Team of Becoming A Pilot? Now Might Be A Good Time (Link)
Facing A Critical Pilot Shortage, Airlines Scramble to Hire New Pilots (Link)
The Global Pilot Shortage Is Getting Worse (Link)
Black Pilot Association Opens Flight Training Academy (Link)
Aviation Watch: Is There Really A Pilot Shortage? (Link)
Problems in the Pilot Pipeline (Link)
Mother-Son Pilot Crew Take Flight For Major Airline (Link)
Change Taking Off For Women Pursuing Careers As Pilots (Link)
National Pilot Shortage Could Impact Local Flights (Link)
How The National Pilot Shortage Will Impact Las Vegas (Link)
What Could A Pilot Shortage Mean to You? (Link)
Envoy Air and ATP Offers Pilots a Direct Path to American Airlines (Link)
The U.S is facing a Serious Shortage of Airline Pilots (Link)
Airline Pilot Shortage Impacting Northern Michigan (Link)
Jazz Welcomes EVAS Air to Pilot Pathway Program (Link)
Viewpoint: The U.S. is Facing a Serious Shortage of Airline Pilots (Link)
As Airlines Post Big Profits, Small Communities Lose Service (Link)
Shortage of Pilots Could Hinder Airlines' Growth (Link)
Air Force in Crisis, Part 1, Why Pilot Retention Matters Right Now (Link)
Airlines Battle Growing Pilot Shortage That Could Reach Crisis Levels in a Few Years (Link)
Is America's Airline Industry Headed For a major Pilot Shortage? (Link)
It's Getting A Lot More Lucrative to Become a Pilot (Link)
Worldwide Pilot Shortage Affects Flying Clubs, Good News for Students (Link)
The Ideal Pilot Candidate, What regional Airline Recruiters Want Most (Link)
Pilot Shortage: SCTCC May Take Off While SCSU Stays Grounded (Link)
Japan Making Efforts to Address Expected Pilot Shortage in 2030 (Link)
Modesto Admits Prospects for Commercial Flights Dim (Link)
Air Service Comes and Goes (Link)
LU School of Aeronautics To Train High School Cadets As Private Pilots (Link)
Farmington Looks at Airport Upgrades To Attract Commercial Airlines (Link)
Sisters High Aviation Program Draws Aspiring Pilots (Link)
Dreams To Take Flight This Summer for THN Student (Link)
New Training Requirements Cited in Looming Pilot Shortage For Regional Carriers (Link)
Nationwide Pilot Shortage Impacts Region (Link)
America is Running Out of People To Fly Its Plane (Link)
How Airline Pilots Lost Basic Skills (Link)
Q-C Airport Seeing Impact of Pilot Shortage (Link)
Here's the Major Crisis Airlines Are Facing Now (Link)
The Cost of Becoming a Pilot Is Making the Job a Pipe Dream (Link)
In Focus: Airlines Face Pilot Availability Shortfall (Link)
Airlines Fear Pilot Shortage Amid New Federal Safety Rules (Link)
ALPA Pilot Pay Graphic (PDF)
2013 Pilot Supply Infographic (Link)
As Communities Lose Air Service, Regional Airlines Decry Flight-Hour Threshold For Pilots (Link)
Airlines Fear Pilot Shortage (PDF)
The Pilot Shortage Made in Congress (PDF)