45th Annual

portant venue to bring our community together and today, we need our community more than ever. For this reason, our team is working on a virtual event to tide us over until we can meet again in person. However, in view of the extraordinary worldwide crisis of COVID-19, and as chances for a safe and productive 2020 event diminish by the day, rescheduling our in-person Annual Event provides us with an opportunity to preserve value for our members, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Allowing a full year before we reschedule allows us to rebuild our show and focus on creating a milestone event that will showcase the industry’s resilience and determination to rebuild.    As we finalize our rescheduled dates and agenda, exhibitors who have registered for RAA’s 2020 convention will not need to take any action. Contracted booths will be rolled over to the new dates automatically; however, we will work with exhibitors and sponsors who are unable to reschedule. Our sponsorship and sales support teams are reaching out to exhibitors and sponsors to best meet your needs. If you are a sponsor or exhibitor with specific questions in the meantime, or you would like to sponsor or support a virtual conference this year, you may contact Diana Lundie at Diana@thelundiegroup.com.  In this industry, we need only scan social media to see incredibly inspiring stories of our member airlines, supply company partners and their essential workers locking arms (from an appropriate social distance!) to meet the vast and evolving human needs associated with this health crisis. Whether it is an airline making special announcements to a lone passenger traveling to a sick parent, or a manufacturer repurposing its work to create ventilators, a uniform company making masks and other PPE to protect frontline workers, or your employee groups supporting one another and various charitable health organizations, I have never been more humbled to be part of this community. You inspire me every day, and on behalf of our entire team I want to commit to you that we will continue to be here for you in return, as we fight to protect our shared industry.  We will be rebuilding for some time and know you will too. Throughout, RAA will be here to support and protect this industry at every step. With all this in mind, when we considered whether or not these challenges presented a reason to discontinue our annual convention permanently, the answer was a resounding “no.” We need one another more than ever now and we hope you will with stick with us into the future.  The health and safety of our attendees, your families, our staff and volunteers, and the community at large are of utmost importance to us. We thank you for your understanding in this complex situation.  This web page was last updated on April 22, 20202. Please check back often as we will post updated information as new details of our rescheduled events are confirmed.

Event Information about RAA's 45th Annual Convention

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, our team is fielding questions about our intent to hold an in-person event this year. While every effort is being made to hold an in-person event when it is safe, our team has created a list of FAQs that may answer attendee, exhibitor and sponsor questions as they come up. Please click here for FAQs about our 2021 event and read on for information about the rescheduled event.

RAA 2021 Annual Convention (Postponed from 2020)

On the heels of one of our strongest annual conventions in a decade in Nashville in 2019, team RAA was eagerly looking forward to bringing you even greater value in 2021. We know our convention provides for an important venue to bring our community together. However, under the influences of the COVID-19 global pandemic, RAA was forced to postpone its annual convention, and moved the event to the same time and place this year! The event is now scheduled for September 25 - 28, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ.

RAA staff worked with exhibitors who registered for RAA’s 2020 convention. Most exhibitors chose to roll their booths over to our new dates; however, our sponsorship and sales support teams worked to meet individual participant needs.

Since making that difficult decision, challenges continued for our industry. Last year, four RAA member airlines ceased operating and other airline and numerous associate member companies liquidated and others have experienced extensive furloughs. Our team has been steadfastly working to help regional airlines weather this crisis, which in turn helps to protect the health of every supply partner company in the regional aviation ecosystem.

Your participation in RAA, through associate membership and by exhibiting and sponsoring at our convention and other events, has been a critical source of financial and moral support for us. We are counting on your continued support. We will be rebuilding for some time and know you will too. Throughout, RAA will be here to support and protect this industry at every step.

What comes next?

The health and safety of all our attendees, your families, our staff and volunteers, and the community at large are of utmost importance to us. You—and your continued partnership—are important to us. At the present time, we are evaluating the complex business and health regulatory environment to ensure we can hold a successful in-person event. Should we be unable to hold an in-person event, RAA staff will work tirelessly to meet vendor needs with a virtual alternative.

We look forward to seeing you again in person. Until then, please watch your inboxes for news as we continue to make updates. You may also read our FAQ page for help with common questions about the event, including exhibitors rights and obligations in the event of a cancelation and steps RAA will take to include our exhibitors in future convention planning.

Whatever the format, you may count on our team’s commitment to producing a high quality event that showcases the industry’s resilience and determination to rebuild, together, while protecting the important networking opportunities our airlines and their suppliers enjoy at RAA events.

Thank you for being an important part of the RAA family!

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