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Pilot Workforce & Training Library

Pilot Workforce & Training Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
10/27/2011 Executive Summary-UAA- John Allen PDF (50.96 KB) Administration 10/15/2014
2/28/2014 GAO- AVIATION WORKFORCE: PDF (711.06 KB) Administration 10/15/2014
Regional Airline U.S. Service Trends PDF (8.4 MB) Administration 2/14/2018
U North Dakota Pilot Labor Study PDF (508.23 KB) Administration 2/15/2018
Improving Air Service to Small Communities PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 2/15/2018
2010 Pilot Source Summary v2 PDF (41.28 KB) Administration 2/15/2018
Boeing Projects Exponential Growth Link Administration 2/15/2018
2/18/2014 FLYING HIGH WITH A PILOT’S ROI PDF (1.95 MB) Administration 2/15/2018
09/07/2011-- International Supply and Deman PDF (124.05 KB) Administration 2/15/2018
09/08/2011 New Pilot Stats AOPA report PDF (73.5 KB) Administration 2/15/2018
Pilot Source Study 2015 Link Administration 2/15/2018
Helping Veterans Become Pilots Link Administration 2/26/2018
Aviation Workforce Letter PDF (23.67 KB) Administration 3/7/2018
Letter from Airports on Pilot Shortage PDF (818.64 KB) Administration 3/12/2018
Pilot Training Support Letter - Rep PDF (255.64 KB) Administration 3/12/2018
Pilot Training Support Letter - Senator PDF (255.23 KB) Administration 3/12/2018
Flight Safety Foundation White Paper PDF (397.41 KB) Administration 3/13/2018
MARCH UPDATE: Pilot Workforce and Training Solutio PDF (4.67 MB) Administration 3/20/2018
The Pilot Shortage: A Current and Future Threat Link Administration 4/3/2018
Stakeholders Oppose Anti-Safety Amendment PDF (762.98 KB) Administration 4/23/2018
Pilot Workforce and Training Solutions May 2018 PDF (3.71 MB) Administration 5/24/2018
Pilot Shortage Concerns Travelers Link Administration 7/13/2018
Air Force Fixing Pilot Shortage Link Administration 7/13/2018
August Pilot Workforce Update PDF (3.16 MB) Administration 8/10/2018
October 2018 Industry Update Link Administration 1/28/2019
February Industry Update PDF (4.04 MB) Administration 2/1/2019

Pilot Workforce & Training Library: Media

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Dreams to take flight this summer for THN student Link Administration 2/13/2018
Sisters High aviation program draws aspiring pilot Link Administration 2/13/2018
02/18/16 New Training Requirements & pilot shortag Link Administration 2/13/2018
Farmington looks at airport upgrades to attract co Link Administration 2/13/2018
LU School of Aeronautics to train high school Air  Link Administration 2/13/2018
Air service comes and goes Link Administration 2/13/2018
Modesto admits prospects for commercial flights di Link Administration 2/13/2018
Japan making efforts to address expected pilot sho Link Administration 2/13/2018
Pilot Shortage: SCTCC May Take Off While SCSU Stay Link Administration 2/14/2018
The Ideal Pilot Candidate: What Regional Airline R Link Administration 2/14/2018
Worldwide pilot shortage impacts local flying club Link Administration 2/14/2018
Demand Increases Appeal Of Airline Jobs Link Administration 2/14/2018
It's getting a lot more lucrative to become a pilo Link Administration 2/14/2018
Airlines battle growing pilot shortage that could  Link Administration 2/14/2018
As airlines post big profits, small communities lo Link Administration 2/14/2018
America is running out of people to fly i Link Administration 2/14/2018
Nationwide Pilot Shortage Impacts Region Link Administration 2/14/2018
How Airline Pilots Lost Basic Skills Link Administration 2/14/2018
Airport Seeing Impact of Pilot Shortage Link Administration 2/14/2018
Cost of becoming pilot is making job a pipe dream Link Administration 2/14/2018
Airlines Face Pilot Availability  Link Administration 2/14/2018
Demand for airline pilots set to soar Link Administration 2/14/2018
Airlines Fear Shortage Amid new Rules Link Administration 2/14/2018
ALPA Pilot Pay Infographic PDF (956.75 KB) Administration 2/14/2018
2013 Pilot Supply Infographic Link Administration 2/14/2018
Cockpit Crisis: Regional airlines  Link Administration 2/14/2018
Regional Airlines Decry Flight-Hour Link Administration 2/14/2018
Airlines Fear Pilot Shortage PDF (10.32 KB) Administration 2/14/2018
The Pilot Shortage Made in Congress PDF (124.02 KB) Administration 2/14/2018
Here's the Major Crisis the Airlines Are Facing Link Administration 2/15/2018
Qantas to open academy amid global pilot shortage Link Administration 2/26/2018
Shortage of pilots could hinder airlines' growth Link Administration 3/16/2018
Air Force: Why Pilot Retention Matters Now Link Administration 5/1/2018
The U.S. is facing a serious shortage of pilots Link Administration 7/13/2018
Jazz welcomes EVAS Air to pilot pathway program Link Administration 7/13/2018
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