RAA Joins Industry Coalition Letter on Domestic Air Travel Testing Requirements

Washington, DC, January 29, 2021. Media contact: media@raa.org

Today the Regional Airline Association joined 23 other aviation organizations in a communication to the White House COVID-19 coordinator, emphasizing the industry’s shared and steadfast desire to participate meaningfully in discussions related to contagion risk mitigation strategies and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By engaging with aviation stakeholders, the COVID-19 response team can better ensure risk mitigation strategies remain effective in defeating the health and economic consequences of the virus. To date, the industry’s cooperative relationship with relevant Federal agencies has played an important role in developing and implementing policies that enhance the safety of flying.

RAA has long supported a federal mask mandate and has also stressed the importance of enforcing measures related to compliance with crew directives on aircraft. We were pleased to see the inclusion of a mask mandate in the Executive Order. RAA shares concerns raised by the stakeholder groups about the consequences of testing policies exerted on a lower risk mode of transportation that, rather than deterring intrastate movement, would divert more travelers to drive or travel by bus or train – modes of transportations that lack the measures in place that make air travel uniquely safe.

As science continues to inform our response to this evolving virus, we remain committed to working with our partners, the COVID-19 response team and all Federal agencies to safely maintain air travel to communities of all sizes during this period of recovery.

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